Planning For A Secure Future

Settling Final Affairs Through Probate And Estate Administration

Part of the estate planning process is to name someone to carry out the directives in a will or trust. Unfortunately, these individuals need to perform their duties while also trying to work through their grief and taking care of their families. In both the planning and probate/administration stages, the help of a skilled attorney is critical.

At Rudy Aguirre Professional Law Corp, we proudly help clients with all aspects of estate law, including assisting executors and personal representatives in their important duties. Hiring an attorney can save you time and reduce stress. A good lawyer can also prevent you from making costly mistakes that require additional time and money to correct.

Working Closely With Executors

If you were named the executor (or personal representative) for your loved one’s estate, you were likely chosen because you are responsible and trustworthy. Unless you are also an estate attorney, however, you’ll need guidance from someone who knows the law inside and out.

When you hire our firm, attorney Rudy Aguirre will work directly with you to carry out all of your assigned duties. This includes cataloging, collecting and disbursing estate assets to the named heirs and beneficiaries. Whenever possible, we will do the majority of the work for you, leaving you free to focus on being there for those you love during this difficult time.

Representing Heirs And Beneficiaries

In some families, old resentments can sometimes get in the way of a smooth transfer of assets. If you are a named beneficiary/heir but worry that you won’t receive the assets that have been left to you, our attorney can help you assert your inheritance rights and ensure that you receive all assets left to you by the decedent.

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